As the Dark Sun Sleeps

Day 10-14/Session 4 -- OOC Highlights -- Detailed

Detailed Highlights

Sam’s Perspective:

  • He’s trapped inside a small, coffin-shaped box. He can hear discussion between two figures accompanying the cart his coffin-box is on. One of them is a woman.
    • She mentions arriving in Tyr. He begins to make noise. The two of them talk, briefly, with the other figure – a Mul named Ying – pulling Sam out of the box and holding a knife to his throat . She alludes to “what you did to my brother,” and he tries to protest that he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She refuses to acknowledge his protest, and shoves him back in the box.
    • He pushes an image in his mind of Evette Sandstone – his only link to Tyr – only to have her push back, and speak to him psychically, warning him against such an attack.
    • Having no other recourse, Sam – letting all of his frustration build within – focuses his psychic energy on one of the rear wheels of the cart, causing it to ignite. The wind pushes the smoke away from his captors, causing the fire to spread – singeing Sam pretty badly – but also causing the axel of the cart to snap, catching his captors’ attention as the cart tumbles to the sand.
    • The woman pushes the thought into Sam’s mind: “you made this happen, didn’t you?”

The Party’s Perspective:

  • Recovering from the battle in the sandstorm with the powerful mage, the group manages to find tracks, which lead them on the trail of Sam’s kidnappers.
    • They manage to see, in the distance, what looks to be flame. As they move to investigate, they stumble across the cart which used-to contain Sam’s body, enclosed within a coffin shaped box, burned and collapsed to the sand, with no sign of Sam’s body.
    • They perceive Sam’s kidnappers a mile ahead, and make pursuit. The kidnappers do likewise, and speed ahead in the direction to Tyr.
      • Anansi catches up and begins a dialogue, saying the party only wants her companion. The woman, in speaking with Anansi, reveals her name to be Tura of the Tyrian house Lamore, and that “Mother will be very angry” that the party killed Father and her Brother.
      • Anansi pieces together that the brother was one of the Dead Tyrian Teenagers the party stumbled across and whose bodies they looted; and that her Father was the mage they just fought – and killed – in the desert, and stole his rather distinctive, oversized magical sword.
      • Anansi bluffs her that her Father survived the fight and escaped, while also warning the rest of the party via some psychic Thought Projection to hang back, since their presence – particularly Pan’s with Father’s sword – could spiral the incident out of control.
      • The two sides near, and Tura holds a blade to Sam’s throat, saying he would go to trial in Tyr for what he’d done. The party backs off and makes camp, so that Anansi can shapeshift into the form of her Father, Azul, and he rides to Tura and her companion’s camp to convince her that he survived the fight – bloodied, but survived.
        • Anansi and Sam communicate psychically, and Anansi manages to successfully convince Tura – in the form of Azul – that he has dragged Sam off into the desert, killed him, and left his body for the buzzards.
        • Anansi pushes the ruse even further, convincing Tura they should wait, double-back, and ambush the party trailing behind them.
      • As Anansi and Tura move to an ambush point on a rocky ridge alongside the trail that the party has camped next to, Pan moves into position to get the drop on Tura.
      • Sam, having reclaimed his equipment from his partymates, joins Kahvi on the mirroring ridge across the trail from Anansi, Tura, and Pan.
      • Monkeyarty is smoking by the fire of the camp, the only member of the party visible to anyone along the ridgeline.
        • As he sneaks up behind Anansi, Tura, and her Mul half-brother Ying, Pan makes noise which alerts them to his presence. At this, Anansi thought-projects to the others, and Monkeyarty – bored – throws a thunderstick into the campfire, which ignites, causing a massive boom and a distraction consisting of one of the tents igniting, and Monkearty dousing it with his own urine. This allows Pan to sneak back into the darkness, and up the ridgeline.
      • Anansi convinces Tura and Ying that the party will be coming from the urine-soaked tents, and with their attention diverted, he throws a tanglefoot cord at Ying’s feet.
        • Kahvi and Sam immediately miss from across the road, but Pan manages to successfully throw a tanglefoot cord on Tura’s feet.
        • Kahvi and Sam still draw little luck from their bows, and Pan does little better, teleporting to Ying and missing right away. Anansi shows some success by conjuring a crown of madness on Ying, causing him to turn on his half-sister.
        • Kahvi manages to hit Ying as well, trading blows with Tura, who hits her back; Sam’s luck changes, missing Ying with a glancing blow, but Pan – having suffered major damage from both enemies now and contemplating his escape – lands a devastating blow to Ying, sending him tumbling down the ravine to his death below on the roadside.
        • Anansi uses this opportunity, while still in the guise of Azul, to convince Tura into surrender.
      • Allowing Tura to lick her wounds, Anansi nee Azul browbeats her into confessing to the history of all the events, feigning ignorance and amnesia. She relents, saying that her brother, Scapy, took the Sun-Rod and the map to find the rest of the clockwork weapons, and that she joined her father at the behest of the Society, claiming “I’m not even a member; I don’t know anything.”
        • When pressed, she admits that the Society she’s referring to is the Society for the Betterment of Everything, an organization Azul is a major contributing member to, and when she admits this, they learn that the Society is a benevolent organization that, under the rule of King Kalak, was persecuted and treated as pariahs, due to their kind treatment of the poor, the underclass, the slaves.
      • The group convenes, trying to decide what to do with poor Tura, almost causing Kahvi’s walkout when they won’t submit to her plans to reveal their subterfuge to the poor girl. Instead, using an alchemical potion of forgetfulness picked up from the Dead Tyrian Teenagers, they drug her, and when she awakes, she has forgotten the events of the last four days.
    • The party escorts Tura into Tyr, gaining from Tura and Ying’s stores twenty-odd alchemical items, and an additional 700gp, as well as a silver version of the society pendant, similar to the ones found with the Dead Tyrian Teenagers.
  • Traveling the remaining few days to Tyr, the party makes it safely to the outskirts of Tyr, noticing that the city has attracted a collection of stragglers, outcasts, beggars, and ex-slaves camped outside the gates of the city.
    • Arriving at the city gates, they are asked to pay a 5gp tax for entrance and, after quickly demurring, realize that they are not lacking in funds, so they enter.
    • The tone of the city is bustling, with lots of gawkers milling about, taking in the sights of the first free city they’ve known in Athas in their lifetimes; the locals don’t seem to know how to comport themselves; there’s an obviously high transient population, with signs of high-unemployment with people begging for work, coins, or scraps.
    • They return Tura to the Lamore home, and meet Mother – Sheila Lamore – who comes to greet them. Upon meeting Sam, and learning of his name and reputation, she insists they stay for dinner, as she must hear “the story.” Flirting heavily with Sam, he promises her that he will return for dinner, and as he makes his goodbye, he stumbles and falls facefirst into her ample bosom.
  • Following this embarrassing encounter, they set their sights on Kahvi’s goal: finding her sister.
    • Their first approach is to plant themselves in a darkened corner of a tavern, very conspicuously spending their money to attract attention and, hopefully, hungry mouths looking for work.
    • The Tavernkeep is the first to take them up on their unsolicited offer, and he quickly agrees to ask around for information on this particular white-haired elven girl.
      • He then reveals that many of the noble households in the city have paid-off much of the city’s guards and constabulary in order to keep their slaves as-is.
      • Pan offers the Tavernkeep a solid 10gp as a retainer to “get him started” with the promise of more gold to come with good information.
  • The party then decides that Sam is to visit Mother Evette to get her perspective on the situation in Tyr, as well as to find guards who may be upstanding – the strategy being if they can find worthwhile guards, those guards might know on which doors to knock to find the elven girl.
    • It’s here that Kahvi reveals her secondary goal: when her clan was driven out of Tyr, she wants to know what happened to Skaht, her older brother, who has been missing for about a year when he disappeared into the crowd while they fled Tyr, but they’re skeptical about digging up much information on the brother, since he looks a whole lot more typical of your common-variety elf.
      • Sam learns from Mother Evette that the sister is tending the soil at the King’s Garden.
      • He also learns some information about the Lamore family, that he’s connected with the SBE and was an expert-level alchemist, who also has a laboratory connected with his work.
        • When she learns about the standing date with Sheila Lamore, which Sam is desperate to break, she insists she wouldn’t want to offend a woman of Sheila’s standing.
  • The party discovers that the King’s Garden allows limited visitation from commoners into the gardens – it’s one-day-per week, limited to one-hundred visitors, and today happens to be that day. They leave Anansi in the tavern awaiting the Tavernkeep’s news.
    • They bribe their way inside to be included with the hundred guests already touring the gardens, and inside they find Lirin in a smaller, wooded section, tending to a tree.
      • It’s a calm, tranquil section, cordoned off and on its own, with less water and less flowers.
      • Immediately, Lirin and Kahvi’s reunion turns ugly, with resentment bubbling to the surface over Skaht’s turning up missing. Added to this is Kahvi’s insistence that Lirin leave with her and return to the clan, which is clearly not on Lirin’s agenda. Kahvi reacts terribly to this bad news, breaking off and assaulting a wall, catching a warning from one of the guards.
      • Pan and Sam offer to have Lirin come back with them to dinner at House Sandstone, in order to patch things up with Kahvi. She says she’s forbidden and beholden to the whims of House Dyan, her employers. They offer to speak to the Dyan’s on her behalf.
  • They rejoin Anansi, and the party divides again, this time with Sam and Anansi going to speak to the Dyans’ – with Anansi taking on yet another guise as Iris Allen – while Kahvi and Pan remain at the tavern.
    • Krul, the Dyan house slave master, meets them and lets them into the foyer, directing them to Master William, the ascendant to the house who is practicing his fencing in the central courtyard.
    • As they talk with William, they try to influence him, intimating that King Tithian has an interest in his white-haired elf and her superb gardening abilities, and that he might steal the elf out from under Dyan – or at least be convinced to do so.
    • William grows threatening, kicking Sam and Anansi out, scoffing that they would have the temerity to tell him what he should do with “his elf.”
  • They rejoin the party at the tavern, convincing Kahvi that the Dyan brat is the key – plus Sam just wants to get even with him for scoffing at him in the way he did.
  • The Tavernkeep returns with information on Lirin’s routine, which has proved useless to the party due to the events of their day. Nevertheless, they generously give him 10gp for his efforts, and add 15gp for him to begin the search on Kahvi’s brother.
    • Since they’re staying at House Sandstone following dinner, they also pay the Tavernkeep 2gp for holding a room for them for this evening, and in his gratitude, he agrees to warn them if anyone comes asking about them.
  • The party sets off for the nightlife in the Tyr marketplace, insisting he go join Sheila for their dinner-date.
    • Sam returns, shaken from his encounter at House Lamore, but rumors quickly begin spreading involving yet another sexual conquest, this one involving a castrati servant, some mangoes, and a well-known Tyrian juggling act.
    • In the marketplace, the Tavernkeep catches up with them, informing them of a trader leaving for Ur who had spotted the brother – the brother, it seems, had trained the trader’s men.
    • Meanwhile: Lirin, who had returned to the Dyan household, tries desperately to sneak out, only to fail miserably at scaling the front courtyard’s walls. Krul catches her in the act, takes pity, and helps hoist her over the wall to freedom.
    • Back in the marketplace: Pan immediately suspects the Tavernkeep of double-dealing, since he came across that unexpected information so quickly. He forces the Tavernkeep by the neck into a blind alley. As the party threatens the Tavernkeep, they are spotted by six guards passing by on the street, who move in to attack them.
      • Immediately the advantage swings towards the party, as a fireblast hits one of the guards from seemingly out of nowhere. Unbeknownst to them, it’s source is Lirin: who is eastward down-the-street from their position, lending assistance. Her attack attracts two of the guard, one of whom strikes her for nominal damage.
      • Pan uses the fireblast to shove his Tavernkeep hostage deeper into the northern section of the alley, laying a blast-strip between himself and his closest guard. Kahvi mimics the tactic, choosing the western spine of the alley. Anansi makes an impossible trickshot from inside the alleyway, tossing a globule of oil at one of the guards while he’s still out in the street, and takes a hit for his trouble. Sam immediately takes the higher ground, using some Thought Projection to give everyone a sense of the layout of the complicated battlefield and continuing to do so for the remainder of the fight, while also striking a red-fletched arrow into one of the guards.
      • Out of sight of most of the party, Lirin defensively shapeshifts into a were-Kirre, attacking a guard immediately with a bloody strike, though she is hit and knocked prone. Pan leaps over his own blast-strip, attacking a guard with an amazing, ebony shadow-blade, only to have the Captain miss on a target of opportunity. Kahvi charges at a guard approaching from her flank, only to miss and get hit for some slight damage. Anansi releases her alchemical fire on the guard she hit with the oil, killing him and bursting his corpse into flame inside the dank alleyway, providing some light by which the rest of the party can fight by. Sam takes advantage of this, striking an additional guard with a hard-aimed arrow.
      • Lirin takes that shapeshifting ability further, reducing herself to a mouse in an attempt to escape; a guard manages to hit her to cause some more damage, the wound persisting. Pan strikes at the Captain and misses, and then on his original target, missing also. Kahvi takes a massive swipe at her opponent, having that opponent miss for his trouble. Anansi manages to cast her Crown of Madness on the Captain, having the Captain retaliate with a devastating blow right back on Anansi. Sam fires another red-fletched missile, striking his target hard.
      • Lirin makes a strong attack, with a guard attacking her during a defensive roll; she strikes back, killing him, and when the other guard attempts to strike her, he misses entirely, striking the corpse of his friend in the back of the head. Pan attacks the Captain, hitting him with a hard blow, the Captain shouts in protest and frustration, revealing that the Captain of this group of guards is none other than…
        • …William Dyan.
      • Kahvi hits her opponent with a strong blow, and he misses her yet again. Anansi hits her target strong, and Sam helps her out with an inspiring word to heal herself, only to miss himself on a bad shot.
      • Hearing William in the mix, Liring approaches the alleyway intersection from the east, throwing a thunderclap attack his way. It misses, but throws everyone out of whack for a moment. She is attacked, but it fails to hit. Pan attacks William, hitting him strongly, and he is hit with a pretty strong attack in return. Anansi attempts a trick shot, which misses. Sam, attempting to get a better vantage on the fight that Pan drew towards the eastern alleyway, takes a running leap across the alleyway, and lands on an adjoining rooftop.
      • Lirin immediately transforms into her Kirre form, takes a running dive down the alleyway, brandishing claws and teeth, letting them sink deep into William’s body, sending him to the ground, gasping breath, bubbling blood. Pan hits one of the remaining guards with a significant strike, as do Anansi and Sam, who also recognizes Lirin as an ally and encourages her to shore up her defenses. Kahvi recognized the thunderclap and Kirre form as her sister, and comes rushing to her side, as William breathes his last breath throwing bloody epithets at Lirin.
    • The fight finished, the party strong-arms the Tavernkeep into lending them his private quarters for cleanup, after they rush from the alleyway and all the dead bodies. They’re buying his silence and his life for the 200gp he received from the Dyans for betraying them – he keeps the money, he delivers information about Skaht, and they don’t kill him.
  • After cleaning up, they rejoin Mother Evette, regale her with some of the stories of their adventures, leaving out stories which implicate them in any way. They learn more information about the SBE: Azul was the founder of the organization; she intimates that the Society is nothing more than a coffee klatch, which Sam doesn’t believe but can’t do more than intuit.
    • Anansi proposes they call themselves the Fire Bandits.



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